URBNE headerUrban Design and Architecture Film Festival

URBNE Films showcases films that inform and inspire about urban design, architecture, public spaces and collaborative design process.  It mixes feature films, documentaries, short films and animations where cities and design can be the subject, the background, the actor and lead role.

The inaugural film program was developed for the UR{BNE} Festival in 2012 and now runs independently.

BIG THANKS for those who supported the screenings.   We will be working on future programs soon, and we also regularly add shorts throughout the whole year.

URBNE Films is inspired by:

1. A passion for making urban design more exciting, engaging and accessible to the public, and using film as a way to rethink issues and start critical conversations.  

2. An admiration for the likes of

3.  An ambition to encourage the creation of more films with urban design content, showcasing design process, and films about local design issues. 

Founded  by Yen Trinh