Urbanists and their favourite films

Program B –  Urbanists and their favourite films 
In 2013, we are also looking to celebrate the movies that architects, designers and urban thinkers from around the world would pick.  (These do not necessarily have to be “design films’, but can be popular movies, influential films to their life, work and career, and/or ones they think every designer should see!!)

Nominated Films. 

  • William H Whyte’s “The Social Life of Small Urban Spaces” and Terry Gilliam’s dystopian scifi classic “Brazil” nominated by Phil Smith, Deicke Richards
  • “Truman Show” with Jim Carrey which is a classic urban design conceit  and “Into Great Silence” a three hour meditation of living in a Cistercian Monastery in Grenoble where the architecture and sense of place permeates the whole movie experience  – nominated by Malcolm Middleton, QLD Government Architect
  • “Gattaca” because the architecture and set design are fundamental to the plot and themes (and) also the exterior of the main space centre is a Frank Lloyd Wright building.” nominated by Jasper Middleton, AHMM, London
  • “Unfinished Spaces” with Roberto Gottardi. “First Person Singular:  I.M. Pei” and “Rem Koolhaas : A Kind of Architect” nominated by Raymond Yeung, NYC Department of Parks & Recreation, New York
  • more to come…


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