2012 Brisbane (May)

This program is in partnership with State Library Queensland and the Department of Local Government and Planning.

Opening Night – 27th April 2012
RSVP needed.  This event is now SOLD OUT

1. Shorts films (6-8 films – 30min)
2. Feature film – My Playground (50min)
3. Nibbles and networking after film (opening party for film festival and UR{BNE} Festival)

More Information here > http://www.slq.qld.gov.au/whats-on/calevents/general/films/urbne/playground 

Australian Premiere:
My Playground

Urban design themes: public space, architecture, recreation, youth
Thanks to Objective Cinemas 

In partnership with SLiQ Flicks weekly films
FREE event
Sundays (2-5pm)
29 April, 6 May, 13 May, 20 May, 27 May
Short films + Feature films + Panel Discussion (15mins)

Panel discussions are an opportunity for speakers and the audience to make reflections and start critical discussions about urban design, film, and the context of Brisbane.  The multi-disciplinary speakers panels include professionals from government, urban design and the film industry.

29 April – Week 1: Pool Party
6  May – Week 2: Inception
13 May- Week 3: Radiant City
20 May – Week 4: NY77
27 May – Week 5: People’s Choice Vote (Metropolis, Brazil or Blade Runner)


WEEK 1 (April 29)

Pool Party

* Brisbane Premiere (selected for 2011 Melbourne Film Festival) 

Urban design themes: Role of music in cities, neighbourhood gentrification. community action. public space
SPEAKERS : Yen Trinh and Christian Duell (APDL)

WEEK 2  (6 May)

Urban design themes: Depictions of architecture in film, futurist visions, group design thinking

WEEK 3 (13 May)
Radiant City

Urban design themes: Suburbs, urban sprawl, community development
SPEAKERS: Yen Trinh and Michael Marriot (QUT)

WEEK 4 (20 May)

Urban design themes: Role of culture in cities, neighbourhood gentrification. city politics,

WEEK 4 (27 May)
* People Choice Vote.  

Vote via SLQ by May 6.  Select from Metropolis, Brazil, or Blade Runner

Urban design themes: Depictions of architecture in sci-fi film, future of cities, urban utopias

Selected Short films (opening night and weekly films) 
The short films are a mix of documentaries and animations that introduce new themes, great organisations and projects to audiences.  The short films will be shown before feature films on opening night and weekly films.

Thank you to the generosity of filmmakers.

  1. Little Big Brisbane by Medium Wide Shot
  2. Future Cities (animation) by Squint Opera
  3. Mirco-Urbanism by Clear Village
  4. Hong Kong Honey by HK Honey
  5. Lost Tribes of New York (animation) by London Squared Productions
  6. Pinburgh (animation) by Doug Cooper
  7. London Farmhouse Tower by Miles Langley/ Catrina Stewart
  8. PF1 MoMA New York by Work Architecture Company
  9. Global Cities (animation) by Squint Opera
  10. Dublin Fruit Market (animation) by Squint Opera
  11. This is Where We Live (animation) by 25th Estate
  12. Toronto Tempo by Ryan Emonds
  13. Willamsburg Walks by Project for Public Spaces
  14. Venice Biennial by Heat Architecture
  15. Community Growth 1959 by Urban Land Institute
  16. Emergency Shelter Sydney by QUT School of Design (Architecture) 

Public Space Screens.
Extending the discussion of public space INTO public space, selected short films will be showed on outdoor screens during May

  1. 10 May 2012, 6pm – Brisbane Development Association and UR{BNE}, Gresham Lane.
  2. Additional Screenings TBA