2016 – Milan (May)

URBNE Films are excited to be part of the “Festival on Festival” program by the Milano Design Film Festival in collaboration with the XXI Triennale di Milano.

Some of the most internationally recognised cinematographic festivals were invited to select films dedicated to architecture and design. Nine festivals will take part in this articulated presentation, each proposing titles tied to their respective national histories:

  • Arquiteturas Film Festival Lisboa (Portugal),
  • Architectuur Film Festival Rotterdam (Netherlands),
  • Lund International Architecture Film Festival (Sweden),
  • Budapest Architecture Film Days (Hungary),
  • New Urbanism Film Festival/Los Angeles (California, USA),
  • Architecture & Design Film Festival/New York (New York, USA),
  • URBNE Films/Brisbane (Australia),
  • Architect Africa Film Festival (South Africa),
  • Arquitectura Film Festival Santiago Chile (Chile).

The calendar has eight appointments with a schedule of films from all over the world, capable of exploring new activities, approaches and projects that define and inhabit our daily lives. At the same time, the program underlines the work of diffusion that the industry festivals carry out with regards to planning related themes and the ever increasing directorial attention given to these very themes.

The festival begins on 16th April at the Triennale Teatro dell’Arte and continues in May (24th and 25th, Triennale Salone d’Onore), June (21st and 22nd, Triennale Agorà), July (12th and 13th, Triennale Salone d’Onore). Final date: 6th September (Triennale Salone d’Onore).


URBNE Films has created an “all-Aussie” collection

“What things, what cities, what communities do we want to leave to our heirs?”
URBNE Films explored the “design after design” theme with a focus on how users interact with architecture after it is built.  Most designers strive to purposely curate the reactions and experiences of users  but it seems more often the case, that outcomes (both good and bad) can be wonderfully unknown, surprising or unexpected.

The 5 films explores celebrate an Australian context (featuring the cities of Brisbane, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Sydney) and explores urban design through the eyes of architectural photographers, tourists, school children, lawyers and even how a building might “see” itself

  1. John Gollings: Eye for Architecture
  2. Cerebral City
  3. How to Blow up a Bubble that Won’t Burst
  4. 50 Years in Paradise
  5. Queen Elizabeth II Courts of Law

Full program at MDFF